According to a study conducted by Singapore Polytechnic in June 2012, youths prefer to communicate on social media with their friends and face-to-face with their family members. Younger respondents spend more time online as compared to the older respondents.


However, there is a small percentage of youth who do not communicate face-to face at all with people around them.

5.2 per cent or about 42 respondents said they do not communicate in person with their schoolmates or colleagues on a daily basis. 3 per cent and 1.7 per cent of respondents said the same about their family and friends respectively.

“Personally, the most surprising thing from this survey is that there are actually people who do not communicate with their family, friends or schoolmates,” said 18-year-old Rachael Wong, who worked on the study with her schoolmates.

We see friends and family every day and there are still people who don’t communicate with them face to face, it doesn’t make sense, Wong added.

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